Women will have decisive say in J&K’s Lok Sabha elections

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Women will have decisive say in J&K’s Lok Sabha elections

Erstwhile state has 42.58 lakh women voters, 9.02 lakh in Anantnag alone


Srinagar, Mar 14 : Women this time will have a decisive role to play during the forthcoming elections in Jammu and Kashmir with their electorate comprising 49 percent of total vote count.

Details available with the KNO, out of the total 86.93 lakh voters in Jammu and Kashmir, women make up 42.58 lakh voters. Anantnag leads in women’s participation among the five parliamentary constituencies, with 9.02 lakh women voters.

Other constituencies also exhibit considerable female voter presence, with 8.52 lakh in Jammu, 8.44 lakh in Udhampur, 8.70 lakh in Srinagar, and 8.56 lakh in Baramulla. Over the years, the voting percentage of women in Lok Sabha elections has shown an increasing trend, albeit with slight fluctuations.

The recent enactment of the Nari Shakti Vandan Act and the provision of 33 percent reservation for women in the Legislative Assembly have bolstered enthusiasm among women, providing them with a golden opportunity to showcase their potential in politics. Efforts are underway at the party level to further enhance women’s participation in politics, recognizing their longstanding contributions.

As the announcement of Lok Sabha elections draws near, women have begun actively ensuring their participation. The extent of their involvement as candidates will be revealed once all parties announce their nominees, with several parties, including the BJP, Congress, NC, PDP, Apni Party, and others, nominating women candidates, activating their respective wings.

Pulwama emerges as the sole district in Jammu and Kashmir where women voters outnumber men, with 2726 more women voters than men, out of a total of 403,795 voters. In other districts, male voters surpass female voters.

In a bid to foster a conducive environment for women voters, pink booths will be established in all districts during the Lok Sabha elections, staffed entirely by female employees, an initiative by the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer.

Pertinent to mention that the increased participation of women was evident in the District Development Council (DDC) elections held in 2020, with over 98 percent voter turnout and the occupation of more than five DDCs by women—(KNO)

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